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The Journey Begins with Baptism

Considering the possibility of priesthood for many seminarians and priests began when they were boys or young men; some where older when they discovered the possibility to serve in this vocation. But much of the invitation, regardless of one’s age, is found in a number of experiences that take place in the family, the parish or a catechetical setting.

Whether it is a married couple who models the Christian faith and encourages their children to think about a religious vocation or it’s a special presentation that is offered in grade school, many priests have cited these as foundational in “planting a seed.”

For others, it’s a matter of personal experiences with holy and joyful priests who make the priesthood attractive. It may also be a fellow parishioner who suggests that a gifted man ought to think about the priesthood.

Regardless of each man’s reason, it seems the most influential factors for a man to embrace this possibility are family support, priestly example, a personal invitation or a vocation program in childhood or adolescence.

The idea is that a “culture for vocations” should be promoted in all areas of ecclesial life. The Diocesan Vocation Office and seminaries of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland offer a number of programs and opportunities for young men to discover the possibility of priesthood and young adults to think about the religious vocations.


How do I know God is calling me to be a Diocesan Priest?

God can use a direct approach by touching your life and letting you know that God wants you to give your life entirely in service as a priest. Often, you may hear statements from others encouraging you to consider priesthood. Also, you may find peace in the idea of priesthood when exploring God’s call in your life. Can you picture yourself being a priest or living a life of service to others?


Some Key Qualities of Potential Candidates for the Priesthood

  • A personal relationship with God integrated through prayer and seen as an important and vital part of his life
  • Has the ability and willingness to talk about his faith
  • Has some involvement in his local parish
  • Has a desire to serve others and make a difference in people’s lives
  • Motivated by the mission of Jesus and ability to articulate it
  • Willing to sacrifice personally for the service of the Gospel and the Church
  • One who is approachable
  • Possesses a psycho-sexual-socio maturity
  • Has the ability to collaborate with others
  • Takes initiative and assumes responsibility for his actions
  • Recognizes the importance of the Church and the role of the Church as teacher.
  • Possesses the skills of self-mastery and discipline
  • Has shown the capacity and evidence of living a chaste celibate life
  • Has healthy relationships with men, women and children
  • Has average intelligence, common sense, good physical & emotional health
  • Recognizes the need to both give and accept support from others
  • Possesses a keen sense of empathy
  • Has leadership skills
  • The celebration of the Sacraments are important to him
  • Has the ability to nurture another person’s growth
  • He is open and respectful of all people
  • A person of integrity
  • An awareness of God’s omnipotent presence
  • Others have mentioned that he would make a good priest



  • Annual Vocation Awareness Week observances
  • Discovery Days (grades 7-8)
  • Parish Vocation programs (any grade/age level)
  • Youth Ministry programs (presentations or visits to the seminary)
  • High School Visit Days (arranged by schools and Seminary Vocation Office)
  • Young Adult Conferences (workshops or panels)
  • Duc in Altum (Come and See) weekends
  • Shadow Days
  • Crossing the Threshold
  • Priesthood Sunday (October)